I hate Sundays. I never have anything to do on Sundays but my school works. And today, I don’t have anything to do even for school…

On Sundays, I always try new things, wasting my day on the computer and trying to find anything cool on the Internet. Today, it’s the turn of WordPress. I don’t even know if I’m going to write on this blog everyday or just today, Sunday.

On Sundays, I usually cook, try new dishes, watch tons of videos about food. And stuff. If I don’t cook, I go out for a walk, in a park or wood, with friends, family or just alone. If the weather isn’t good and I don’t want to cook, I just sit at my desk, my bright purple laptop in front of me, and I write. Or work. Or listen to music. Or sign petitions. Or… Anything.

Sundays sucks. But I’m glad to have Sundays when I go out on Sarerdays. Because Sunday becomes the day off of the week, where I can just chill and get ready for the new week coming.

Today is a lazy cold grey Sunday on my desk with laptop and blogs.

How’s your?

Cheers, Lady of Flesh


8 thoughts on “Sundays…

  1. You are so right about Sunday’s. They really are a lazy day. It is extra special whenever you’re at home, getting to spend time lounging with family (and friends) is great. I guess it recharges those batteries though.

    It is grey here (in Manchester) too. Miserable weather. But hey, I’ve got a hotpot and potatoes to eat. Enjoy the rest of your lazy day!

    • Yes, really good to get ready for the new week. But sometimes, there’s just nothing to do. I finally got a sweet Sunday night so, it wasn’t totally wasted =p
      Thanks for passing by =)

  2. I hate Sundays too…. it depresses me so much….
    I should be working for my exam week…. but I just can’t keep my mind on it. I’m sick, fever, nauseas, and headhache. So much happiness !
    Yesterday was such a good day. I was already sick but anyway…. We went to the mall, to the cinema then ate a pizza. And before we go to sleep he offered me my christmas / birthday present which is just incredible…
    Today… laundry, explain to Chineese people how the washing machine and the dryer work… And… I don’t know. I feel gloomy, creepy… (I gonna change my name from NsL to Lady Creepy. Love the sound oh this world….) And we finally go to pay the rent… I just have 50€ of money from government per month. So unfair, year is again gonna be complicated. Moreover, employee of our universitary city (don’t know how to say that sorry) want to accuse us for a stupid stuff. They threat us of prison ! oO So it’s a shitty shitty day !

    • Seriously being a student in France is fucked up! You should throw away that shit and come here!
      What’s the gift, btw? =D Girl thougts, you know… haha

      • When I listen to you, I’m not so sure it’s really easier for you, right ?
        The gift is a VIP pass for Emilie Autumn’s show in Paris. That means I gonna meat her !

        Hope the STIB strike gonna come to and end finally…

      • Well, at least, everything is not so fucked up here… You can easily find ways to get out of the problems.
        OMG That’s awesome !!!!!!! So happy for you =D

  3. I think Sundays tend to be the odd day for a lot of people, but it’s also one of the few days you can make fun and turn into something that you enjoy! Whether by cooking, reading a book, taking a walk or so many other things. There’s a lot that can be done; it’s just a matter of figuring out what you want to do.

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