Public transport services

Today, I woke up at 6:15am. I took my shower, put my clothes on, did my hair, put my make up, packed my bag and I was out at 7:10am. While I was waiting for my first transport to go to school, my bus, I chked out my twitter account with my phone. I saw there were a lot of people at the bus halt. It wasn’t usual… I decided to search for “STIB” on twitter. By the way, the public transport service in Brussels is called STIB (probably for Service Totally Improper, Bastards… who knows?)
Anyway, I checked that out and oh! Merry Christmas! Wild strike! No tramways! Some buses only rideing! Underground totally okay! FVCK IT!
So I’m supposed to take a bus, then a tramway, then walk OR take another bus to finally arrive at school.
Since the traffic is totally disrupted, I had 2 options…
Option #1 : walking something like more than an hour, arrive late, being exhausted and pissed off for the rest of the day.
Option #2 : walking back home, ask dad to take me to the school by car, being late, less pissed off for the rest of the day.
Option #2 won. My dad was so pissed off but anyway. I arrived late but the teacher didn’t say anything, she understood.

So, i thought about something when I walked back home after school around 5pm. Stop me if I’m wrong. I pay for a season ticket, for 12 months to take any of the STIB transports. I can’t use the weekend night’s service. I pay a LOT for my season ticket.
But, we live in a world where the client is king, right? So, if I pay I’m a client. If I’m the client, I’m a queen… And if they don’t work good, I can do something like punish them, I guess.
If I’m paying, they should work. If they don’t want to work, what the hell are they doing in there? And whe the eff is that system where they can just decide to stop working without giving people a minimal service! I’m su upset about the STIB, seriously, I feel like they take my money and then they screw me!

Tomorrow, I’m going to send them a beautiful letter. They’re going to hear me… well, I hope…

Thanks for reading!

Cheers, Lady of Flesh


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