My family, my friends, my classmates and even my boyfriend, everyone tells me the same thing since a month… “You lost so much weight, that’s incredible!”

So yeah, I’m vegetarian since two years and a half, with some trully vegan periods. Stress, anxiety and fears also did their work and made me metling.

I wasn’t really afraid of my loss. Actually, it was cool…

But when I finally found out that ALL my pants were ALL too big for me… I freaked myself out!

I should be careful…



5 thoughts on “Lost

  1. I think stress and anxiety don’t help at all. I don’t think the problem is you vegan state… I mean, everyone has a different reaction to fear. Some people eat a little bit more and don’t even notice it. And some people don’t even need to eat more to get weight. So in the same way, you can lose weight without changing anything at your eating. (in the same way, I stop mutilate myself for a little more than 2 years, but there’s still periods where I wake up with scars or traces of fight. A little bit scary sometimes)
    So if you know that, you’re right, be carefull. And I know, maybe find something to reinforce your body in difficult time. I don’t know the solution, maybe a nutritionist could help you find a answer that fits with your vegetarism ?
    If I see or hear something about that I’ll tell you…

    • Everytime I ask my doctor, he said nothing’s wrong with me, there’s no problem, it’s just the way my body works… Yesterday, I say my bestfriend and she also said “omg you are really thin now… even with your clothes on!”. SHe asked for my “secret”… I answered “stress, gym and cigarettes”. It was funny, actually haha But yesh, i’m looking for answer (you know, Doctissimo is my friend now).
      And yeah, if you hear anything just let me know =)

      Thnks so much ❤

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