So, I’m a student… In case you didn’t notice it… And I’ll have my first exam session of this last year of study for me in January. By the way, I’m studying history, geography and sociology to be a teacher for kids between 12 and 15 in those 3 classes. Well, that’s what my graduation is going to say. Because I’m not going to teach next September.

People always ask me why I study something I’m not going to work in. That’s a good question. And I’ll try to answer it here. It’s actually very simple. I used to make my choices in regards to my situation, without really thinking about the future. When I feel something is good for me at a point, I make the choice to go for it and if 6 months later I find out it wasn’t a good choice, I change my mind and find something else. Simple. Not smart at all, I agree. But it’s the only way I found to keep hoping and living.

Teaching seems to be an amazing thing. Imagine, you can share your experiences with kids and help them to make the better choices for them and for the others. You can teach them good values like respect, tolerance and sharing. You can also teach them the “truth”, especially with history, so they won’t make the same mistakes again and again.

I don’t know where you live, dear reader, but here the system is definitely fucked up. You can’t be better if you’re not in a good school, in the better ones. And you are a teacher in secondary school, let’s be honest: it’s too late. Too late to make them understand they can do whatever they want if only they take time to study, work, read and visit places! Cause that the curse of our lives: ignorance. They ignore how smart they can be.

And that’s exactly what the system wants them to think, feel and repeat. It needs to have people without a good education so they can keep doing their bad things and shitty reforms. It needs them to be as strong as ever. I really think that if everyone had the opportunity to learn how to be critical about what our leaders do, we won’t be in this kind of world, so selfish.

And I had to be in my last year of study to understand that. I feel like I waste my time. But I have other goals now. My diploma could help, in a way. And if anything wrong happened, at least, I know education will ALWAYS need teachers.

Cheers, Lady of Flesh


2 thoughts on “Education

  1. At least my question has been answered from your post on my blog! Your “simple” reason for teaching is actually very smart indeed. You have decided to study something you can fall back on if required. Well done on making a huge decision then, and for sticking to it now. Best of luck for the revision and exams next week. Remember, take it easy!

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