I always loved to create. Usually it stays in my mind but since I’m 15 I used to write everything I was thinking about. It ends up creating stories, fictions and poems. The more I wrote, the more interesting I found that.

Today, I really wish to publish my ideas as books. My few friends are behind me and give me a lot of time to help me out with all my ideas and questions. Being creative is awesome but sometimes it messes my head up…

I found something interesting earlier today… It’s called 10 questions every author should ask. Here they are with my answers, as sincerely as possible…

  • Can I handle subjective opinions of my work?

Of course I can! That’s the point of get published, I guess. I think other’s opinions are important tp build our own style and get better. I think that if someone is really rude, I’ll feel bad but I can handle it after a while.

  • Do I have time to build a platform, market, engage in social media, and continue writing?

If I don’t have that time, I’ll create it. Writing is not everything. But I think everything needs us to create the appropriate working environment. So yes, I’ll take the time to build all that I need.

  • Is my family prepared and willing to lose a big part of me to a second job?

I think so. In a few years, I’ll live with my boyfriend, we don’t think about having kids so far so, we can purchase our dreams and try to build them. I think – and really wish! – he will understand my writing job is going to take a lot of time for me.

  • Can I afford to build a quality book: editing, cover, formatting?

It’s one of my dreams so I can say I can do anything to aim it. Even if I don’t really know what it’s like, I will learn anything that I need.

  • Am I in this for the long haul or do I expect instant success?

I wish to be able to live of my passion. I don’t expect instant success because whatever comes fast falls fast apart too. I will take my time, work on my style and take any good and helpful advice.

  • Do I have time to read and hone my craft?

Totally! I want to evolve.

  • Am I willing to add more friends, contacts, associates and partners to my already hectic life?

Honestly, my life is not so hectic… And I have some problems to add more friends. It’s probably the hardest thing I that, so far, for me.

  • Am I really ready for publication?

Yes! I’m too ready!

  • Am I willing to support and promote other authors for your mutual benefit?

It sounds pretty interesting so yes, I’m ready to help promote and support another writer as long as he/she turns the favor back…

  • Which is the true monster, my book, or the business of publishing?

The business seems to be the biggest monster… But it’s just another one, like school is the first monster we all fight. I can handle it.

That’s pretty interesting, isn’t it? I didn’t think I had to think so far about publishing but I liked this little reflection. Read the entire blog here.

Cheers, Lady of Flesh


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