Hi everyone,

I asked myself if I was going to write about this or not. Finally, I said yes, I’ll write about it because I feel concerned. Now, this is only my opinion as all my other blogs are too.
It’s all about the site Megaupload shut down and how people reacted. Actually I saw people feeling upset by this news, for different reasons, but at least, they didn’t let the Medias tell them what to think this time. They were all feeling like something important about their freedom has been touched. And it’s not right.

I don’t know if I already told you this here but if you know or at least follow me on Twitter, you should know I’m very critic about Medias. Basically I don’t trust anything they say. I always try to take my distance with the subjects and how they cover them and I try to find the better explanation I can find about that subject. For example, when they say someone killed someone else for religious reasons, I’ll look on the internet and try to find if it’s true or not. I think everyone should do that but well…
Anyway. The Medias tried to tell that the founder was a bad hacker and made money on the copyrighted objects uploading on the Megaupload platforms. Yeah… After some research on Google, I learned the money came mostly from the subscriptions and the advertisings on the site… Not really the same…

But I don’t want to talk just about Megaupload and all the drama around it. I want to talk about our freedom. Internet is a place where we can almost do (and be) whatever (whoever) we want. Of course, there’s a dangerous side of this freedom. But it’s also what allowed us to learn more things about the world we live in. Now, you can chat with anyone in the world as long as you keep in mind the hours between you and the other person (so you don’t wait for him/her if he/she sleeps… Yes, I already had this one). You can discover a new artist because his work is on his Facebook/Youtube/Twitter/official site pages. You can watch a movie before you go buy it.

I think all the SOPA/PIPA and anti-piracy (bullshit) laws are just the first step the sates found to control us by using the Internet. Dear politicians, are you scared to see the same revolutions in your occidental streets as you noticed it was during the Arab Spring? Are you scared to see your people finally wake up and ask you some questions about the way you were working for many years? Are you scared to see people using the Internet to claim their rights and organize their lives? Are you scared to face the truth: we are tired of you lies and we want you to be fair and responsible?

Because, at least for me, that’s the point. They didn’t expect that Internet would be such a big thing. Anti-piracy is the first step for another kind of dictatorship. And trust me, I wont accept it for me, but also for my children.

That’s why I pretty agree with the fight of Anonymous. And I’ll talk about that another time.

Take care and keep your eyes open.

Cheers, Lady of Flesh


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