#OpBelgium #StopACTA

Hi everyone!
For once, I wanted to do a video-blog but I couldn’t because I lost my voice… again.

Today was a massive day for every freedom fighter like me because many demonstrations were programming everywhere in Europe against the disgusting ACTA project. Did I just say “project”? God, it’s not a project anymore! They voted it. Who? I don’t know, the people who voted it, worked on it and passed it ARE NOT PEOPLE I VOTED TO FOR THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT!!! And that’s why everything about ACTA is more dangerous and disgusting than any other law.
Is it the end of that so-called “democracy” they tried to spread in ever country they “visited”? Because it doesn’t look like democracy anymore. Europe is a fucking non-sense when it’s about having the general laws for the 27. Well, to be honest, the only good side of Europe is : one money, no more change when I travel and Euromilion. THAT’S IT!
The parliament is just a bunch of assholes full of the money the lobbies gave them to shut it up and sign everything. I’m just totally crazy when I hear “ACTA is good for artists” because fuck no, it’s not! The labels is gonna get more money and the artists won’t be able to spreak their art across the Internet, as long as it’s censored and übber-watched over! What about the generic drugs? What about the seeds that can feed THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD? What about MY freedom to read, write, listen and share anything I want and find more useful than the bullshits on TV?

I’m scared. I’m really scared to see this world becoming completely blind and live another black period in history. In Middle Age, churches censored every Antic document. The idea was that for a better world – in the point of view of the religion it meant a world where God was above everything and everyone – people should be ignorant and just follow the priests and the Bible. Sciences were totally forbidden. Innovation too, obviously. The darkest part of the Middle Age was the craziest period of the humanity. Can you imagine how people were blind and stupid that time? Can you imagine a world where a minority of assholes decides everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, for you because they don’t even consider you like human? I don’t want to live that.

I refuse to live that today. My freedom is way much more important than anything else because so many people died and fought for our freedom. Not only in 1789 during the French Revolution but everywhere… In 1786 in the US, people decided to be free. And recently, in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Morocco and Algeria people are still fighting for their freedom. Are you going to stay at home, in front of your screen, while the “governments” are fucking your basic freedoms? Freedom of speech is a Human Right! NONE CAN TAKE IT FROM US UNLESS WE LET THEM DO!!

And I don’t. Fighting is everything I can do. And I will fight!

Here you have some pictures from the Stop ACTA protest in Brussels, this 28th of Jan. so you know in the Belgian laws covering your face with a mask is forbidden. As you can see, we didn’t really give a fuck about it today…

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