Anonymous? Occupy? OWS?

What am I?

Today, I was at school. During one of our breaks, we went out for a cigarette. I lightened mine and a friend of mine came to me and asked me: “well, because I know you read a lot of things and post a lot of things about it, I wanted to ask you something. Are you an Anonymous?”

I wanted to answer immediately: “no, I’m not even if I totally agree with their actions”. But the words stayed inside me and I thought about it. Am I an Anonymous…?

I never considered myself as an Anonymous as Medias show them. I never hacked any site. I never DDoSed anything. I’m not good enough for that, I think… So, no, I’m not an Anon in that way.

But, I did thousands of research about what is Anonymous and I found out that you can also be an Anon without DDoS and stuff. Because you ask question about the system, because you share information, because you fight for your freedom of speech and exist, because you don’t allow sects and things like that and because you act for a better world you can call yourself Anonymous.

This is how I see the things: Anon are a group of people who fight with whatever they have to assure to the future generations a better world or at least a less fucked up world. People good with computers use their skills at it to act against anything that try to reduce our existence. I’m not one of those people. I’m most the kind that go out in the streets, whatever weather is it, allowed demonstration or not, I go out, march on the streets and show my disagreement with anything that would reduce my freedoms. I share as much as possible information I found and critics about this world. I try to open people’s eyes.

So, am I an Anon? I think that I am but in the same time, I do also agree with all the Occupy movements and OWS too…

I like to say that I’m just a Citizen of the world who wants a better world for everyone. And, most important, I’ll act and take any action to achieve that. Whatever it costs, I march on. Always.

Cheers, Lady of Flesh


1 thought on “Anonymous? Occupy? OWS?

  1. Posts like this helps the (online) world to open their eyes! You just raised important issues, and thought about their impact on us, organisations, and the globe. Thanks for that 🙂

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