Things in my Life

Hello everyone, I’m finally back after a very long time of absence.  I had a lot of things going weirdly in my life lately and didn’t get the time to share it here. I’ve to admit that I missed to post on this blog.

Right now, I’m at the end of my final exam session. Tomorrow, I’ll have my History exam and this is the last but certainly not least exam of my whole three years of studies. But I won’t get my diploma on June the 20th like all the others. Unfortunately, my teachers made me fail at my work experiences of the year. And this is one of my major classes, the most important. So, I’ll have to present and do another work experience in November and get graduated in January. Does it suck? Yes. Totally.

Having a long distance relationship really killed me. I thought it’d be quiet easy but absolutely not. However I’m still with my boyfriend but, I don’t know how to explain it but I feel that I don’t want to waste anytime in “searching” someone. I feel my boyfriend is the good one, the only one, even if we know each other since a few (long) months. If we can’t really know someone even in years of relationships, I think I can just trust him and build my life with him. At 23 years, I feel too much old, I need to have my life and I need him by my side. I’m hoping to be happy with him but I know I’ll be.

Last Saturday the 9th, I went to the global protestation against ACTA in Brussels. That was incredibly nice for me because I was with those few awesome people I met on the 12th of May during the Global Change/Indignados protest. Now, I know I can go on demonstration with good, nice and very kind people who think like me and act the same. That’s awesome to feel like a part of something I truly believe in.

This summer, I hope it’s going to be my best summer ever. I’ve two different plans. The first is to go on holyday with my parents from July the 7th to August the 18th in Morocco. Sunbathing, beach, museums, travels and initiation to some “extreme” sports are planned. The second plan is to get a house with my boyfriend and just live together with probably a No Border camp in Germany, as an Occupy Koln and Dusseldorf.  One or the other, both are going to fulfill my heart with happiness.

Those last few months were really hard and stressed but with lots of support, love and smiles around me, I didn’t left everything over, I kept working and fighting. Yes, I failed at some things but I successfully achieved others+ and I’m glad.

Today, I feel really happy, pretty proud and full of hope for my future.

Cheers, Lady of Flesh


4 thoughts on “Things in my Life

  1. I am really glad you are feeling so good, and that you have found happiness again. It just takes a little time, but it really is worth the wait 🙂

    Now whenever you are feeling a little low, or having a bad day remember the good ones – like you are experiencing now. That’ll push the dark cloud away, much, much quicker.

    Remember, that failing is better than not even participating at all. Some people don’t even get a chance to study, let alone fail. Keep smiling 😉

    • Thank you, dear friend =) I know I usually feel things quiet dramatically and forget all about thinking about things and just be patient. But yes, after all, things are showing a better face to me and I believe again that things can get well in the future =) Maybe I just found back some faith in myself and in what I can do.
      I’ll remember your words for sure =)
      Thanks again for reading and commenting, it’s always a pleasure 😉

  2. Happy to see you’re feeling better. You deserve it and I hope it’s going to last loooooooooooooooooooooong time this time (wonderful sentence, not even sure it’s correct, hope you got it anyway).
    Keep all that in mind as it was said before 🙂

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