To-Do list

I use to forget what I’d like to do unless I write it somewhere and of course don’t forget to check it out to remember…

That’s why I always have a little note book and a pen in with me. I write my thoughts, ideas, numbers if needed, addresses, meetings and all the things I’ve to do.

My to-do list is always quiet funny, for me at least… 😉

– Get train ticket to see my boyfriend

– Hairdresser ASAP

– New swimsuit (check Hot Topic)

– Ask for a new credit card

– Anti-fascism protest Sunday (possibilities of riots and fight, get prepared, don’t forget first help box)

– Try to do some vlogs instead of blogs

– Buy a new camera

– New shoes (Vans slip on original)

– New coffee machine for mom

– Call the doctor (but for what…? Don’t remember…)

– Nail polish in black, gold, pastel brown, burgundy

– Get enough easy makeup shits for summer

– Buy a new big luggage

– Get my driving license ASAP

This is just a few examples and that makes me laugh =)

Cheers, Lady of Flesh


1 thought on “To-Do list

  1. I particularly love the “call the doctor.. but don’t remember why” ! Happy to see I’m not the only person to do that…

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