Music Night

Music is probably the universal language of this world. You can express everything with sounds. And every sound can express your deepest feelings.

Music used to be such and important thing in my life. I always remembered my parents buying CDs when I was younger. Of course, their favorite music and artists weren’t everytime mine but they helped me to build my own musical taste.

I already talked about Heavy Metal and old tunes. Here are some more recent artists and bands I really love. As you can see, my heart beats on heavy guitar riffs and devil drums…

This first video from Bullet For My Valentine was kinda an anthem for me for a very long time. I was so in love with that song (and basically all the albums from that Welsh Metal band).

I grew up and found my new passion in Metalcore like…

This US Christian (??) Metalcore band from San Diego is definitly my all time favorite. I mean, their music followed me through the years and in a few months I’m about to see them fucking live =D I just can’t wait to realize one of my dream !

If I had to pick another very important song for me… I’d chose this :

Another English band, yeah… BMTH is on my iPod since at least 4 years. And I already saw them live 3 or 4 times, I don’t remember actually but anytime they come back for a show around Brussels, I’m totally in! I never had such a blast like I had with them. Every sho is fucking sick!

I also like woman bands as this AMAZING one…

I don’t think that I have to explain why I love this specific song…

I can continue to talk for ages about every band that I love. But I think you can here see that even if I like old stuff, the new ones are also very interesting to me. I’m not like all those “pure” metalkhead only begging with big old names… I give everyone a chance to seduce my ears ❀

Next time, I’ll talk about mainstream stuff, promise πŸ˜‰

Cheers, Lady of Flesh


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