Everytime someone looks to be quiet more clever than the average people, we hear bullshit about him. Julian Assange is, in my opinion, a very smart guy, some kind of “real” journalist but I also think that he needed to have the attention of the world on him and with his work on Wikileaks, he had it and we can say it : much more than what he probably expected to have…

Besides this wierd character Mr. Assange is, I’m so freaking admiratng him for having the gots to show the world what was the real goals of the last wars around the world. This is what opened my eyes about USA and most of the European countries. My mother was freaking out when I told her I visisted the Wikileaks’ site as my father asked me to translate him some stuff (my family’s wierd, half revolutionary, half submissive at the authority…).

But Wikileaks and Mr. Assange wouldn’t be anything, I think, without Bradley Manning. This guy is in jail for having downloaded very confidential documents about the US army policies and goals. He, obviously, wanted the world to know… And that’s what happened. The world knows.

But the world doesn’t give a damn fuck about it. Because the world prefers to hear about so-called sexual bullshit about the co-founder of Wikileaks than what’s the point about this site and they people working for it. Yeah, sex is the cure to every illness of this shitty world. Medias show something pretty sensational and with a hint of sexuality and people stop to think and eat that shit.

I’m so sick of this blind world. So sick to feel like my eyes are too open. I can’t close them. I try to see the beautiful everywhere but some shadows are always hiding everywhere. My eyes are not crying anymore. They bleed!

I need to do something, I need to find another way to move things. Since I’ve been hit by cops during a peaceful demonstration, locked in jail and saw my mother so freaking out for me… I just need to find the best way to keep going on tmy way but without being cought for anything.

I need to be way much more smart and fuck this system with its own weapons.

Cheers, Lady of Flesh

Oh, by the way…






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