Live show

Hi everyone!

I haven’t written anything anywhere since a long time now… you know what it is to be busy…

I’m really excited since 3 days because I’m going to a concert I was waiting for since months! Years! Decades? Not that much 😉 I’ve got my tickets on Thursday and since then, I just can’t wait!!

The show is on Monday and I’m about to see 4 Metal bands I’ve never seen before! One of them is on my top 3 of bands I LOVE.

I love live shows, concerts, because this is the only place where you can feel the whole potential of a song or a band. With the band playing, the crowd around, usually the darkness, things are getting more intense and I know that I feel the whole songs like that. I mean, sometimes I’m disappointed by a CD but if I’ve the opportunity to see it played live, I usually change my mind and find it awesome.

My favorite concerts are definitely Metal shows! They are so powerful, so intense… I love to get out of the venue exhausted but with a level of happiness above anything I could expected.

I love the feeling I have in the morning of a show. I love being quiet excited all day long. I love to be at the venue as early as I can. I love to meet other fans who are there to share the same love and passion for a band. I love to sometimes meet some band members in the streets around the venue! I love when they open the doors and we can finally get in. I love to enter inside the concert hall with that music playing softly before the bands come. I love when the crowd goes on growing around me. I love when they turn the lights off. The first screams. The excitation. I can feel it deeply inside my stomach. I really feel great at that moment. And then the very first notes, the very first sounds… And the explosion of music, as suddenly as a real bomb! And it just gets better as the night keeps going.

I really love concerts!

And Monday night, I’m going to enjoy my night like there’s no fucking tomorrow!

Cheers, Lady of Flesh




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