From Vegetarian to Vegan…

I am currently vegetarian for more than 3 years now. I had food poisoning during my holyday as we were eating meat in a cheap restaurant. Since that day, I swore I won’t touch any meat anymore in my life. And that’s what I did.

But I was considering being vegetarian for more than 3 years. I knew that a vegetal-based food was healthier and better for the body. Too young to make my own choices about my dishes, I couldn’t be vegetarian at that time. But after my food poisoning, my parents finally didn’t really have the choice as I totally stopped to feed myself with any kind of meat or fish dishes. Yes, that was a stupid act because getting out of a various and normal omnivorous diet to a total lack of meat and fish was really hard for my body.

I lost A LOT of weight in a few months. I felt really tired and weak. I had lot of drop in blood pressure. I wasn’t feeling that great actually…

But then I learned to eat in another way. I experienced the vegetarian way of life. I discovered that we can do thousands of things to eat without focusing on meat, chicken and fish! I ask my doctor if I could live my whole life like that and we did some blood tests to be sure I wasn’t putting my life in danger. The only concession I had to do is to keep eating fish… I basically always hated things from the sea! That wasn’t a good news… And I had to be vegetarian and not vegan.

What is “vegan”? Vegan is more elaborated than what I’m going to say but the idea is to avoid anything coming from an animal. So: no meat, no fish, no milk, no eggs, nothing coming from an animal. It’s a 100% vegetal based food. But don’t worry, all the elements that are in animal food can be found in vegetal food too! There’s no real lack of vitamins, proteins, etc. when you live as a vegan person.

But vegan also means to avoid any product that has hurt an animal during its making. For example: a girl should avoid any makeup brand that use experiments on animals or a person should not smoke because cigarettes were also tested on animals. This is why a lot of brands are launching “vegan” collection for that new kind of customers. I saw it with Urban Decay, a very known brand of makeup, wich made collection of makeup for vegan: no animal testing, no animal contents in the products. Thumbs up for that! Dahlila McPhee, a cloth designer, has made vegan dresses! By the way, they are amazingly beautiful…

Anyway. Vegan is my next step. I still have a very long journey before being completely vegan but I hope I can make it, as long as my body can endure it, of course. I don’t want to be vegetarian or vegan because it’s quiet “in” for the moment but because I really believe that we don’t need to hurt animals to live. Since then, I became more aware about how some mean people are acting with animals. I refuse torture on animals because they are conscious about the pain and the fear. And we don’t need to test things on animals as long as the results can heavily differ from test on humans…

I support Animal Liberation Front, Gaïa and PETA as they care about those little guys we use to forget 😉

I defend humans. I defend the oppressed. And I defend the animals too! I’m just too good =D (joke)

Take care, Lady of Flesh

PS: I can’t wait to get my new best friend! I’m getting to give some love to a beautiful little kitty kat in a few weeks x) I just can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit !! His name is gonna be badass, trust me, you’ll love it!


4 thoughts on “From Vegetarian to Vegan…

  1. Thanks for continuing to check out my blog 😉
    This is a really good article, I hope others get the chance to read it.
    I love meat and poultry. But I adapt to your permanent vegan (to be) diet for a veggie diet at least one day a week. They say that red meat can take up to four days for our bodies to digest, completely. That’s why I do it. Mind you, I don’t agree with animal cruelty either. People like you, however, speak out loud and clear to large organisations — so go you for making a difference, or should that be an impact !

  2. I don’t really know what to think about all these vegan stuffs. Well, as I said, I respect all vegan people and can even understand. But you already know this. It’s hard for me to make up my mind about all this ’cause… well… when you listen to them one day meat is bad, the other day oranges are bad but finally you can eat chicken, next day you can eat chicken only if you wear red shoes and oranges mixed wih tomatoes, and so on… So I don’t know what to believe. (but as you know i’ve lost trust in the medical / scientist world) And I stopped listen to all this. I only listen to my body. He says macdo makes him sick, I stop eat there, he says he wants lots of sugar cause i had so many insomnia he just can’t stand with normal food. And so on. I consider that I’m human and human is an omnivorus being… To me it’s kinda natural, i don’t feel like a killer, it’s like my cat hunting a mouse… But i can’t stand torture. I was so proud of my mom when she found a hunter in our garden and told him to go away right now. “yeah but you know the boar can cross you garden, you need me _i don’t want any fucking weapon in MY propierty ! if the foar comes in and destroy all my garden, not a problem, it’s just flowers ! but YOU, get your fucking ass out of my proprierty and take your gun with you or i swear i put it in your ass”

    So I really don’t know what to do… i don’t have money for meat when i’m in Rennes. (only ham and saussages) But when I come back to my parents’ i enjoy the taste of a good steak cooked by my father on the barbecue. And it’s always so nice moments… But i have no proof that the animal i’m eating had an healthy life, saw the sun, real grass, wind.. and when you know that they just BURN what they couldn’t sell so no one could eat it… i prefer eat my babercue ’cause, if the animal had a terrible life, and we let is wasted… he would be dead for nothing….

    So, it’s hard for me to make up my mind.
    (sorry if this comment seems to be a lot of non sense spam, but as i told you, a lot of people are trying to convince me to their idea by making me feel guilty. And some vegan people are really violent people when you come to this. So as i know you’re open-minded, i wanted to tell all i think at least one in my life. I don’t think i’m a criminal, i don’t want to feel guilty ’cause i was born human and a part of human food is meat, even if as you said you can live without. It’s not my fault and when i can help an animal, dog cat bird (we saved an owl with my brother when we were in junior school ! she was so beautiful…), i do it. ’cause, as for human, i think the world doesn’t need me to cry for him, i prefer act little, but act. I don’t feel like i’m saving any animals when i refuse to eat some. It’s my point of view… i hope you understand and once again sorry for this long long comment….)

    Oh, and if one day we finally see each others, i’ll eat vegan with you ’cause i see you often say you foodly feel alone, and i love discovering new tastes so it will be a pleasure 🙂

    • My point wasn’t to make anybody guilty or to turn anyone in a veggie lifestyle. Honestly, people should be free to eat whatever they want, I don’t really care. I only blame the way the meat comes to us. I blame the production, the factory farming which is a huge bad thing for me. It’s just so cruel, we shouldn’t let that be… I mean, doctors proved that eating meat everyday is unhealthy and the factory farming torture animals. I think that if people consume less meat it’d help to change those factories and come back to something more human and respectfull of the animals. But yeah, I don’t want to make anyone guilty, feel free to eat what your body needs, it’s the most important !! 😀 And I’m glad you’d try my veggie diet when we’ll meet =D But don’t worry, it’s totally okay if you go for a meat diet, I’m used of being “alone” for eating and I don’t mind ^^

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