I bloddy hate deadlines. I hate to finish something for a very precise moment. I’m more confortable whit the idea that it’s ok as long as I do the thing I’m supposed to do…

I hate when the deadline includes an hour. I mean, you can tell me to finish something for Friday. I can deal with it… But don’t tell me to finish it before 7:30pm… ! First, I just hate that. Second, it’s too much pressure. Third, I’m usually eating at 7:30pm. And finally, fourth, I work better by night! I begin to work around 1pm and can work untill 2 or 3am. And the moment where I’m the most productive is between 8pm and midnight.

I know my body. I know how I work. And I know my way to do things is wierd but this is how it works the best for me… This is why I hate deadlines. Because they are too normal and maybe obvious for anyone. But not for me.

So that’s it… I’m working now, just taking a little break.

Love, Lady of Flesh


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