One minute to look behind

I never knew, one year ago, that everything I was living then would make me stronger today. Of course, I’m not perfect and still complain about some things but I noticed that a lot of other things are easier for me to deal with.

For example, I’m not so afraid of the authority today as I was one year ago. I still think that Authorities (Govs, police, etc.) aren’t good for us and will do whatever it takes to make their order work but I know now that if we want to defeat them, we have other roads to use than go in the streets and throws stones on them.

I was sure I would never feel better in my personal life after what happened with my last relationship. It looks pretty pointless for some and it really stucked me in a place I hated to be. Now I’m moving forword (finally!). And I’ll never ever do the sames mistakes ever again.

I’m finishing my studies and I hope I’ll be graduated in late August. Now I’m ready to end this up and begin a new chapter in my professional life. Actually I’m ready to begin my professionnal life… I know what I want to do and I’ll do anything to achieve my goals. It’ll take time but everything I did before will help me.

There is one phrase that come to me at this point : what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I don’t pretend to be stronger but at least, I learned from my past and I can move forward.

To all the people who hurt me, I want to thank them in a way. Because I can stand and walk again. And I’m wiser, too 😉


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