About Me

Hello and welcome on my blog.

On this page, I’ll try to tell you who am I but I’m sure you’ll find more information about me with my posts. This is a starting point.
My name doesn’t really matter. I’m currently a 23 years student but soon I’ll jump in the wonderful worker life (do you feel the irony here?). I’m about to be graduated as a teacher of History, Geography and Social Sciences. I’d teach in high school. I would. It means that right now, I’m not so sure to really want to be a teacher. Anyway, this all means that I like to speak with people (young and old) and share opinions, ideas and laughs.
I’m also aware of things that are happening in the world. There’s something in my mind that tells me to always see over the borders and never only think about myself. I don’t think I’m a selfish person. I offer my help to anyone. But don’t mess with me because I’m not someone you can use and then just throw out of your way after you get what you want. The most important worth in my life is RESPECT. I do my best to always be as respectful as possible but I naturally wait from others to respect me and my opinions.
Talking about opinions, I think I’m quiet open to any kind of discussion as long as the arguments are worthwhile. I listen to the others and every word makes its way in my mind. I try to expose my ideas as clearly as possible but I know I’m not perfect. This is why I like to have comments and suggestions about my own opinions.
Because I care about the world, I like to talk about it. I still see some bright lights in this pretty dark world and this is what’s helping me to keep believing that all humans can have a good place to live on Earth. I believe in humankind even if sometimes my doubts are speaking. I believe in all of us that we can avoid the selfish thoughts sometimes and think about the others. This is how we can all have a beautiful smile on our faces without feeling like criminals because while we are happy, others are dying.

Here are some “funny” facts about me:

– I am vegetarian
– I like to read Sc-Fi and Fantasy books
– I write little stories too but most of the time just for myself
– I don’t believe in politics anymore, as they are today
– I live in Brussels, Belgium
– I like to travel and meet people from the places I visit
– I’m a music addict, any kind but my favorites are Metal music (in general)
– I love video games (and I’m not that bad even if I’m a girl…)

To end this little section, I hope you’ll enjoy your time in here. Feel free to ask any question, here or on the posts. I do my best to answer. Every comment is welcome!

A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.

Mahatma Gandhi


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