From Vegetarian to Vegan…

I am currently vegetarian for more than 3 years now. I had food poisoning during my holyday as we were eating meat in a cheap restaurant. Since that day, I swore I won’t touch any meat anymore in my life. And that’s what I did.

But I was considering being vegetarian for more than 3 years. I knew that a vegetal-based food was healthier and better for the body. Too young to make my own choices about my dishes, I couldn’t be vegetarian at that time. But after my food poisoning, my parents finally didn’t really have the choice as I totally stopped to feed myself with any kind of meat or fish dishes. Yes, that was a stupid act because getting out of a various and normal omnivorous diet to a total lack of meat and fish was really hard for my body.

I lost A LOT of weight in a few months. I felt really tired and weak. I had lot of drop in blood pressure. I wasn’t feeling that great actually…

But then I learned to eat in another way. I experienced the vegetarian way of life. I discovered that we can do thousands of things to eat without focusing on meat, chicken and fish! I ask my doctor if I could live my whole life like that and we did some blood tests to be sure I wasn’t putting my life in danger. The only concession I had to do is to keep eating fish… I basically always hated things from the sea! That wasn’t a good news… And I had to be vegetarian and not vegan.

What is “vegan”? Vegan is more elaborated than what I’m going to say but the idea is to avoid anything coming from an animal. So: no meat, no fish, no milk, no eggs, nothing coming from an animal. It’s a 100% vegetal based food. But don’t worry, all the elements that are in animal food can be found in vegetal food too! There’s no real lack of vitamins, proteins, etc. when you live as a vegan person.

But vegan also means to avoid any product that has hurt an animal during its making. For example: a girl should avoid any makeup brand that use experiments on animals or a person should not smoke because cigarettes were also tested on animals. This is why a lot of brands are launching “vegan” collection for that new kind of customers. I saw it with Urban Decay, a very known brand of makeup, wich made collection of makeup for vegan: no animal testing, no animal contents in the products. Thumbs up for that! Dahlila McPhee, a cloth designer, has made vegan dresses! By the way, they are amazingly beautiful…

Anyway. Vegan is my next step. I still have a very long journey before being completely vegan but I hope I can make it, as long as my body can endure it, of course. I don’t want to be vegetarian or vegan because it’s quiet “in” for the moment but because I really believe that we don’t need to hurt animals to live. Since then, I became more aware about how some mean people are acting with animals. I refuse torture on animals because they are conscious about the pain and the fear. And we don’t need to test things on animals as long as the results can heavily differ from test on humans…

I support Animal Liberation Front, Gaïa and PETA as they care about those little guys we use to forget 😉

I defend humans. I defend the oppressed. And I defend the animals too! I’m just too good =D (joke)

Take care, Lady of Flesh

PS: I can’t wait to get my new best friend! I’m getting to give some love to a beautiful little kitty kat in a few weeks x) I just can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit !! His name is gonna be badass, trust me, you’ll love it!



Hello dear friends!

This is a little message to tell you that I’ll be on holyday from tonight to August the 18th ! I’m going to Morocco and you know what ? I’ll enjoy my time like I never did !

Morocco is beautiful. Morocco is wonderful. I always feel my head ans spirit having some peace when I’m there. Sun. People. Other life. I love that.

The only things that I’ll miss are : obviously my boyfriend, high speed wifi hot spots haha and messaging my friends.

But I’ll have beach everyday, nights out, visiting places and seeing my family there.

To end this blog, I wish you all to have great times this summer ! Enjoy your time, smile everyday and wish the best to everyone so the best can happen to you too =)

Much much love, my friends ❤

Lady of Flesh

Things in my Life

Hello everyone, I’m finally back after a very long time of absence.  I had a lot of things going weirdly in my life lately and didn’t get the time to share it here. I’ve to admit that I missed to post on this blog.

Right now, I’m at the end of my final exam session. Tomorrow, I’ll have my History exam and this is the last but certainly not least exam of my whole three years of studies. But I won’t get my diploma on June the 20th like all the others. Unfortunately, my teachers made me fail at my work experiences of the year. And this is one of my major classes, the most important. So, I’ll have to present and do another work experience in November and get graduated in January. Does it suck? Yes. Totally.

Having a long distance relationship really killed me. I thought it’d be quiet easy but absolutely not. However I’m still with my boyfriend but, I don’t know how to explain it but I feel that I don’t want to waste anytime in “searching” someone. I feel my boyfriend is the good one, the only one, even if we know each other since a few (long) months. If we can’t really know someone even in years of relationships, I think I can just trust him and build my life with him. At 23 years, I feel too much old, I need to have my life and I need him by my side. I’m hoping to be happy with him but I know I’ll be.

Last Saturday the 9th, I went to the global protestation against ACTA in Brussels. That was incredibly nice for me because I was with those few awesome people I met on the 12th of May during the Global Change/Indignados protest. Now, I know I can go on demonstration with good, nice and very kind people who think like me and act the same. That’s awesome to feel like a part of something I truly believe in.

This summer, I hope it’s going to be my best summer ever. I’ve two different plans. The first is to go on holyday with my parents from July the 7th to August the 18th in Morocco. Sunbathing, beach, museums, travels and initiation to some “extreme” sports are planned. The second plan is to get a house with my boyfriend and just live together with probably a No Border camp in Germany, as an Occupy Koln and Dusseldorf.  One or the other, both are going to fulfill my heart with happiness.

Those last few months were really hard and stressed but with lots of support, love and smiles around me, I didn’t left everything over, I kept working and fighting. Yes, I failed at some things but I successfully achieved others+ and I’m glad.

Today, I feel really happy, pretty proud and full of hope for my future.

Cheers, Lady of Flesh


I remember the last time I saw you. It was near the music store. It was in winter. The snow was falling down and the way you look mesmerized me.

You were finishing your cigarette before going inside the shop. I tried to watch you, stare at you as much as possible. My brain wasn’t working anymore. None of my thoughts were rational anymore.

You wore a black studded leather jacket, a black skirt, black and white stripes panty, and rider boots. You looked so punkish and rebel. Your pretty face was delicate but I feel your dark thoughts painted in your dark lined eyes. You had a red scarf. The only color on you…

You finished your cigarette and got in the shop. I waited a few seconds but it looks like ages for me. I followed you. I tried to stay away from you, to not risk scaring you. You were checking some guitars. Your attention was totally on the guitars… You were so beautiful…

Every time you looked on my direction, I hid behind anything, anyone. I was impressed by you. And, yes, a little bit afraid. I wasn’t the kind of guy you would meet and hang out with so easily. You were way much more charismatic.

You tried a guitar. The sounds you made were easy but powerful. I recognized the rhythm. I knew that song. You played it a long time. People starred at you but you were on your own, doing what you like whatever people said. You played that song and I saw on your face that you didn’t choose that song for nothing. You were living it. Your whole body was sweating the feelings of that song.

I didn’t hide anymore. I tried to get closer to you. I walked between people. They didn’t let me go closer. But I had to come! I had to be close to you right now. The song was near the end… I wanted you to see me!

You finished the song, said to the seller you wanted to buy that guitar immediately, and you ran in the shop. I hate music stores because there’re all so big! I tried to see you. You disappeared… You ran away…

I walked between guitars, drum sets, pianos, amplifiers and accessories… You weren’t there. I walked up stairs, down stairs. Nothing. I lost you.

Holding my thoughts and memories, I got out of the shop. I was already planning to wait in front of the shop to see you one more time. Even if it was freezing and snowing outside. You were in my mind since months, since that show where you almost felt on me. You looked at me. Not a word came out of your cute mouth. No “sorry”, no “thanks”. Nothing. But your eyes were so expressive! So many things are hidden inside of you and all the black you were should be for a reason, but I’m sure you are not as strong as you want people to see you. You look like ice but inside, you’re just a lovely and fragile flower. The walls you build are supposed to protect you. Your eyes were like windows where I took a look and saw that.

But maybe I’m wrong… I don’t know you but you ruined my head…

Suddenly, you stopped me at the doors of the shop. You were outside. You were so close to me, a heartbeat from me! Your eyes were fixed on mine. No smile, no trace of happiness or anger. You slowly said “I know you follow me since the show”. My breath went away. I couldn’t find anything to answer you. You continued by saying “I don’t know why you do that but I like the way you look at me… You seem to respect me for what I am”. I finally moved my lips to tell you “I respect you. I don’t judge. I’m just a man.

You smiled. Your smile burnt my heart. I wanted to hold you so bad. You walked away. I don’t why, again, I followed you. You asked “Are you going to follow me in silence or do you want to go for a drink with me?” No smile this time. I said “Let’s go for a drink”. I was pretty shy beside you. You lighted another cigarette. I don’t know why you looked way much older with it and used by life. Tiredness and maybe desperation were drawn on you.

We went into a little bar, you asked for drinks and we began to drink. You were not talking that much. I wasn’t feeling good but awkward. Your look at me was two knives driving in my direction. Even alcohol didn’t help me. I finally feel bad enough to take my stuff and go out, run out of this little dark place. You didn’t stop me. You didn’t even look at me!

But your face, your eyes were still on my mind! I was obsessed by you. I was a little bit drunk. The world wasn’t real. People weren’t there. There was only you. You. You! You? You followed me… No smile, no happiness. Are your eyes always so expressive but the rest of your face so empty?

You came close enough to whisper to me. You first kissed me. It was a long, quiet, sweet and weird kiss. It was good and scary in the same time. My heart was about to break. You didn’t show if you feel anything. I was sure my face was full of conflicting feelings. You took your red scarf and put it around my neck, gently. You whispered “Are you afraid?” My head said yes. Yes, I was scared. But I was attracted by you anyway. You continued whispering…”Go away and never follow me again…

You put something in my hand. I don’t why, I feel like something really bad would happen if I didn’t run away from you. My legs moved. My body turned. I ran away from you. But my heart was screaming…

I woke up in my bed. I didn’t remember how I get back home… My clothes were wet because of the snow. My head was melting. I tried to get up but a violent headache put me back in bed. I tried to hold it with my hands. I got something in it…

A piece of paper. It was written “I poisoned you. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Don’t follow me anymore. You’re stuck on my mind since the show… Don’t follow me.

My other hand held something else… The red scarf… Her perfume was on it…

I hid myself under my blanket and closed my eyes. Maybe I cried. Maybe I just felt asleep. I held the message and the scarf and dreamed about you. My Poison.