Live show

Hi everyone!

I haven’t written anything anywhere since a long time now… you know what it is to be busy…

I’m really excited since 3 days because I’m going to a concert I was waiting for since months! Years! Decades? Not that much 😉 I’ve got my tickets on Thursday and since then, I just can’t wait!!

The show is on Monday and I’m about to see 4 Metal bands I’ve never seen before! One of them is on my top 3 of bands I LOVE.

I love live shows, concerts, because this is the only place where you can feel the whole potential of a song or a band. With the band playing, the crowd around, usually the darkness, things are getting more intense and I know that I feel the whole songs like that. I mean, sometimes I’m disappointed by a CD but if I’ve the opportunity to see it played live, I usually change my mind and find it awesome.

My favorite concerts are definitely Metal shows! They are so powerful, so intense… I love to get out of the venue exhausted but with a level of happiness above anything I could expected.

I love the feeling I have in the morning of a show. I love being quiet excited all day long. I love to be at the venue as early as I can. I love to meet other fans who are there to share the same love and passion for a band. I love to sometimes meet some band members in the streets around the venue! I love when they open the doors and we can finally get in. I love to enter inside the concert hall with that music playing softly before the bands come. I love when the crowd goes on growing around me. I love when they turn the lights off. The first screams. The excitation. I can feel it deeply inside my stomach. I really feel great at that moment. And then the very first notes, the very first sounds… And the explosion of music, as suddenly as a real bomb! And it just gets better as the night keeps going.

I really love concerts!

And Monday night, I’m going to enjoy my night like there’s no fucking tomorrow!

Cheers, Lady of Flesh




Music Night

Music is probably the universal language of this world. You can express everything with sounds. And every sound can express your deepest feelings.

Music used to be such and important thing in my life. I always remembered my parents buying CDs when I was younger. Of course, their favorite music and artists weren’t everytime mine but they helped me to build my own musical taste.

I already talked about Heavy Metal and old tunes. Here are some more recent artists and bands I really love. As you can see, my heart beats on heavy guitar riffs and devil drums…

This first video from Bullet For My Valentine was kinda an anthem for me for a very long time. I was so in love with that song (and basically all the albums from that Welsh Metal band).

I grew up and found my new passion in Metalcore like…

This US Christian (??) Metalcore band from San Diego is definitly my all time favorite. I mean, their music followed me through the years and in a few months I’m about to see them fucking live =D I just can’t wait to realize one of my dream !

If I had to pick another very important song for me… I’d chose this :

Another English band, yeah… BMTH is on my iPod since at least 4 years. And I already saw them live 3 or 4 times, I don’t remember actually but anytime they come back for a show around Brussels, I’m totally in! I never had such a blast like I had with them. Every sho is fucking sick!

I also like woman bands as this AMAZING one…

I don’t think that I have to explain why I love this specific song…

I can continue to talk for ages about every band that I love. But I think you can here see that even if I like old stuff, the new ones are also very interesting to me. I’m not like all those “pure” metalkhead only begging with big old names… I give everyone a chance to seduce my ears ❤

Next time, I’ll talk about mainstream stuff, promise 😉

Cheers, Lady of Flesh

Late night thougts

I can’t sleep. Here is a very nice and so peaceful music video I found on Youtube…

Celtic music used to fascinate me… Here in Brussels, we have a Medieval Market every second weekend of September. We usually find sooooooooooooo much Centic and Irish things from food to clothes, jewelry, music and weapons (sword, shield, armors). I spent my whole 3 days there! It’s organized in a kind of castel at only 10min from my house. I really really really love this Medieval Market and can’t wait to be in September every year, I promise =) Of course, there’s also art exhibition, etc.

Cheers and goodnight, Lady of Flesh


I remember the last time I saw you. It was near the music store. It was in winter. The snow was falling down and the way you look mesmerized me.

You were finishing your cigarette before going inside the shop. I tried to watch you, stare at you as much as possible. My brain wasn’t working anymore. None of my thoughts were rational anymore.

You wore a black studded leather jacket, a black skirt, black and white stripes panty, and rider boots. You looked so punkish and rebel. Your pretty face was delicate but I feel your dark thoughts painted in your dark lined eyes. You had a red scarf. The only color on you…

You finished your cigarette and got in the shop. I waited a few seconds but it looks like ages for me. I followed you. I tried to stay away from you, to not risk scaring you. You were checking some guitars. Your attention was totally on the guitars… You were so beautiful…

Every time you looked on my direction, I hid behind anything, anyone. I was impressed by you. And, yes, a little bit afraid. I wasn’t the kind of guy you would meet and hang out with so easily. You were way much more charismatic.

You tried a guitar. The sounds you made were easy but powerful. I recognized the rhythm. I knew that song. You played it a long time. People starred at you but you were on your own, doing what you like whatever people said. You played that song and I saw on your face that you didn’t choose that song for nothing. You were living it. Your whole body was sweating the feelings of that song.

I didn’t hide anymore. I tried to get closer to you. I walked between people. They didn’t let me go closer. But I had to come! I had to be close to you right now. The song was near the end… I wanted you to see me!

You finished the song, said to the seller you wanted to buy that guitar immediately, and you ran in the shop. I hate music stores because there’re all so big! I tried to see you. You disappeared… You ran away…

I walked between guitars, drum sets, pianos, amplifiers and accessories… You weren’t there. I walked up stairs, down stairs. Nothing. I lost you.

Holding my thoughts and memories, I got out of the shop. I was already planning to wait in front of the shop to see you one more time. Even if it was freezing and snowing outside. You were in my mind since months, since that show where you almost felt on me. You looked at me. Not a word came out of your cute mouth. No “sorry”, no “thanks”. Nothing. But your eyes were so expressive! So many things are hidden inside of you and all the black you were should be for a reason, but I’m sure you are not as strong as you want people to see you. You look like ice but inside, you’re just a lovely and fragile flower. The walls you build are supposed to protect you. Your eyes were like windows where I took a look and saw that.

But maybe I’m wrong… I don’t know you but you ruined my head…

Suddenly, you stopped me at the doors of the shop. You were outside. You were so close to me, a heartbeat from me! Your eyes were fixed on mine. No smile, no trace of happiness or anger. You slowly said “I know you follow me since the show”. My breath went away. I couldn’t find anything to answer you. You continued by saying “I don’t know why you do that but I like the way you look at me… You seem to respect me for what I am”. I finally moved my lips to tell you “I respect you. I don’t judge. I’m just a man.

You smiled. Your smile burnt my heart. I wanted to hold you so bad. You walked away. I don’t why, again, I followed you. You asked “Are you going to follow me in silence or do you want to go for a drink with me?” No smile this time. I said “Let’s go for a drink”. I was pretty shy beside you. You lighted another cigarette. I don’t know why you looked way much older with it and used by life. Tiredness and maybe desperation were drawn on you.

We went into a little bar, you asked for drinks and we began to drink. You were not talking that much. I wasn’t feeling good but awkward. Your look at me was two knives driving in my direction. Even alcohol didn’t help me. I finally feel bad enough to take my stuff and go out, run out of this little dark place. You didn’t stop me. You didn’t even look at me!

But your face, your eyes were still on my mind! I was obsessed by you. I was a little bit drunk. The world wasn’t real. People weren’t there. There was only you. You. You! You? You followed me… No smile, no happiness. Are your eyes always so expressive but the rest of your face so empty?

You came close enough to whisper to me. You first kissed me. It was a long, quiet, sweet and weird kiss. It was good and scary in the same time. My heart was about to break. You didn’t show if you feel anything. I was sure my face was full of conflicting feelings. You took your red scarf and put it around my neck, gently. You whispered “Are you afraid?” My head said yes. Yes, I was scared. But I was attracted by you anyway. You continued whispering…”Go away and never follow me again…

You put something in my hand. I don’t why, I feel like something really bad would happen if I didn’t run away from you. My legs moved. My body turned. I ran away from you. But my heart was screaming…

I woke up in my bed. I didn’t remember how I get back home… My clothes were wet because of the snow. My head was melting. I tried to get up but a violent headache put me back in bed. I tried to hold it with my hands. I got something in it…

A piece of paper. It was written “I poisoned you. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Don’t follow me anymore. You’re stuck on my mind since the show… Don’t follow me.

My other hand held something else… The red scarf… Her perfume was on it…

I hid myself under my blanket and closed my eyes. Maybe I cried. Maybe I just felt asleep. I held the message and the scarf and dreamed about you. My Poison.

Heavy Metal

I found out a pretty old record on my hard disk. It’s called “The Best Of Heavy Metal”. I love it so much! Big tunes from Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Skid Row, Mothorhead, Queen, Judas Priest, ZZ Top, Saxon, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and so much more awesome bands.

I always loved the “old” sounds old bands used to have. Besides that I also like “modern” music, but I’ll talk about it another day =)

Here’s one of my favorite music video from The Scorpions called ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’

Since I listen to Heavy Metal, I’ve a kick ass black leather jacket… That’s basically a part of me. I’ll show it to you, someday…

Beside The Scoprions, I’m also pretty fan of the great Guns’n’Roses… Like here, with ‘November Rain’.

But here’s the song of my young adult debut years (if it makes sense), when I was between 18 and 20. Clearly the best time of my life so far… With lots of drama and pain but I learned about people and facts and it helped me as much as it clearly destroyed me too.

Heavy Metal was so good and I’m really pissed off I wasn’t there to live it… Hopefully, there’s Youtube and collectors edition of remastered albums…*ironic smile*

Cheers, Lady of Flesh