I bloddy hate deadlines. I hate to finish something for a very precise moment. I’m more confortable whit the idea that it’s ok as long as I do the thing I’m supposed to do…

I hate when the deadline includes an hour. I mean, you can tell me to finish something for Friday. I can deal with it… But don’t tell me to finish it before 7:30pm… ! First, I just hate that. Second, it’s too much pressure. Third, I’m usually eating at 7:30pm. And finally, fourth, I work better by night! I begin to work around 1pm and can work untill 2 or 3am. And the moment where I’m the most productive is between 8pm and midnight.

I know my body. I know how I work. And I know my way to do things is wierd but this is how it works the best for me… This is why I hate deadlines. Because they are too normal and maybe obvious for anyone. But not for me.

So that’s it… I’m working now, just taking a little break.

Love, Lady of Flesh


Exam – A little taste of hell…

It’s time for my “winter” exams. Two weeks of bullshit and hypocrisy to try to success those ones. If I do, I’ll be a little more closer from my dreams!
I say bullshit and hypocrisy because, basically, if you want to success, you have to say what your teacher wants to hear. Even if he said “think about this and tell me what your personal opinion is”, it’s clearly the kind of situation where you better have to shut your thoughts up and say whatever the teacher is going to appreciate. Even if you set against it. So what’s the point about those exams? How is it going to help me if I can’t tell my real opinion? Of course, I already tried to do that. I was telling to myself “you have to be honest, not for the teacher but for yourself, it’s not good to lie and you don’t like to lie so say what you really think”. Big mistake ever… The teacher didn’t appreciate and I had to pass the same exam three times before I got it!
Here are my different classes for this session:
_ Professional ethics (maybe a good 15/20))
_ Learning’s differentiations – practice (between 16-18/20!)
_ Art and Culture (presentation with classmates, I hope a 14-16/20)
_ Elaboration of the professional project (I’ll try the 18-19/20, I can do it for this one)
_ Greatest educational currents (I need a 12/20… I can’t do better)
_ Learning’s differentiations – theory (same, 12/20, can’t do better)
I just hope everything is going to be fine. I’m dying because of stress and anxiety… Last year, I have to do my best!

Cheers, Lady of Flesh